Jill Cooper

Live Performer

Jill Cooper is a singer-songwriter, 

multi-instrumentalist, and looping specialist 

from Victoria, BC.


Feb 22 - Irish Times Pub, 9:00pm (with Ange Hehr)

Feb 23 - The Root Cellar, 2:00pm (Solo)

Feb 23 - Bard & Banker, 9:00pm (with Ange Hehr)

Feb 24 - Bard & Banker, 9:00pm (with Ange Hehr)

Feb 25 - The Root Cellar, 12:30pm (Solo)

Mar 1 - Irish Times Pub, 9:00pm (with Ange Hehr)

Mar 2 - The Root Cellar, 2:00pm (Solo)

Mar 4 - The Root Cellar, 12:30pm (Solo)

Mar 8 - Irish Times Pub, 9:00pm (with Ange Hehr)

"Jill Cooper is a multi talented musician, performer, songwriter, vocalist that has shown her musical abilities in recording sessions in Nashville, Memphis, and Mississippi under my production banner. Jill's original songs show a depth of thought and meaning that is very creative and an indication of a long and successful career." 

Mel Shaw
Juno Award Winning Record Producer
and The Founding President of CARAS (The Juno Awards)

"Jill Cooper is the real deal. Her talent, creativity and passion for music are boundless."

Murray Creed, Owner of Groove Studios

"Jill Cooper is just bursting with music, and there is no holding her back!" 

Barb McDougall, Professional Violinist

"The always awesome Jill Cooper brings violin, drumming, guitar and vocal skills to bear on the VoiceLive Touch 2."
Craig Fraser, TC-Helicon

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